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In this book seller Marketpolanco Facebook shows how to use Facebook to attract more customers and more profit. This is no exaggeration: It is practical information based on real experiences of companies and individuals who have usedFacebook to supercharge their business and careers. Levy covers everything, from the absolute basics of attracting visitors and building their community. You will discover the latest tools and applications andFacebook new best practices for everything from search to privacy. Packed with case studies, this is the only guide you need business Facebook: fasting, the comprehensive plan for success.

The book includes
• Learn from the pioneers and avoid beginner mistakes
• Developing a winning strategy marketing Facebook
• Establishing a presence that begins to work quickly and grows with you
• The design of Facebook ads to drive more clicks at low cost
• Using Facebook Connect and Live Stream Box to reach customers outside Facebook
• Monitor what customers are saying about you in real time
• Communicate more strongly with widgets and applications
• Addressing privacy concerns
• Building communities that promote loyalty and innovation
• Use of Sweepstakes and other traffic builders
• Master advanced Facebook marketing tips, tricks and hacks
How to Develop App
Generate More Ingraso With App
• Preparing for the Future of Facebook

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How To Make Money In Forex Trading ?

Trading in foreign exchange, or forex as it is popularly known, can be a good way to make money. You will need some amount to invest in the beginning. You should practice trading everyday in order to be successful with your business. This is the simplest kind of business anyone can be involved in. It is very similar to stock market but is less complicated.

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The main objective of foreign exchange trade is to exchange one currency with the other for a profit. For example, if you have one US Dollar and you bought it at a value of 1.70 GB Pounds, then you could sell it for 1.75 GB Pounds and thereby realizing a marginal profit. You can trade with Euros which have a much higher value than a dollar for example. The whole idea is that the currency you bought should increase in value so that you can sell it at a higher price than you purchased it for.

The key to making profit in the forex trading business is to know when to sell a particular currency. You can easily make about $500 a week if you are a keen observer of markets and trends. You should be able to predict if the prices are going to fall or rise. You have to observe the patterns of the oil and gold prices.

The exchange rate varies everyday for different countries. There are currencies of several other countries which are much higher than the currency of America. For example, you can trade using Swiss Francs, Euros, and Sterling Pounds. Currency is always quoted in pairs like GBP and USD. It means Great Britain Pound and United States Dollar. Or, it is paired as USD and JPY or United States Dollar and Japanese Yen.

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