Earn Money With Facebook

Recently I received the Good News of a colleague to my email address now that Facebook has launched new applications for Web site owners can use blog for us and so we can socialize over our Web site or Content within your social network .

BUTTON is the case of “I LIKE” containing Facebook where you can select if you like any publication or updates to their friends, where before was only available within the network and now Facebook has allowed us to integrate by code within our Web site or blog.

Now! that can benefit all this?

For the people we are using the Social Network for Marketing, benefits us in a positive way for the publication and distribution of our content and attract more prospects or customers to our Web site, which should be the sole object of an Internet Business.

Besides using this tool on every item pubiques your Website or Blog if a person likes the content and click the ° ° immediately appear Me
within the profile of that person likes your article where that user’s friends are likely if you are interested in the topic of your business will click and visit the site where it was
published the article, in this case your Blog.

Another thing is that using this tool you may know how much people like what you’re posting in your blog, so that if the level of people is low, you may realize quickly and keep improving their articles each more day.

To integrate this button, go to the next link and select the Plugins Facebook “LIKE BUTTON” or if you want to use some of the other applications available can do it openly.


Health and success in your business!


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