Make Money with YouTube: official handbook

25 Jan


Every day more than 80 million videos are watched on YouTube, the last and most notorious phenomenon of networking. More than 2,400 million click each month is a lot of traffic … but … how they make money?


The YouTube Partner Program to earn money with your videos uploaded to YouTube with your username and through Adsense can put videos on your website and earn money.
Earn income as a user of YouTube

To make money through videos uploaded to YouTube must be registered as a YouTube Partner. This system is aimed at any media company or individual video creators who are users of YouTube and that videos are often placed. With the only restriction YouTube partners must be themselves the owners of the videos, ie own the intellectual property of the materials to come up with online video community. There are plenty of YouTube partners, as well known as Spanish TV, Antena 3, Agencia Efe, etc.
Earn money through Adsense with YouTube videos

Along with this new strategy for YouTube, created a new possibility of obtaining income through Adsense. It is placed on our website what they call “Video Units” or video blocks. These “Video units” contain two types of ads, one located above the video, which are static, and others that appear integrated in the video, on the bottom and partially clogged the space for playing the movie by 20%. However the visiting user can close the appearance of the ad to see the video without advertising.

The boxes showing videos on a web page can be customized in appearance, like other types of blocks of Adsense.

The videos that appear on the page are the publishers who have signed up as partners on YouTube and have accepted the possibility that in their videos displayed advertising.

To subscribe to the option of placing Adsense to make money with video units must be registered on YouTube and Adsense and also relate the two users. All this is being authenticated Adsense and YouTube at a time and starting the process from your Adsense account, in the “Adsense Setup” and then “Block” video.

This manual contains all the details and steps for you to register and start  making money with youtube.










this is real read:

Why Google bought YouTube?
To place ads within videos. Google wants to dominate the advertising world and, besides being responsible for the famous AdWords and AdSense ads, it also introduces ads on YouTube videos.

:: so I can earn money with YouTube?
Yes, if you create a funny video and many people see it, YouTube will pay an amount (which is not made public) each time a viewer sees the ad or clicks on a banner that will appear next to the viewfinder.

hey do not miss this advantage that not everyone knows the information, Aprica is all manual techniques but do not forget the most
good and easy.

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