24 Jan

for all those bums who always wanted to live without doing anything, having your own business to give them money, without having spent any money in their establishment and become rich without leaving your armchair … for all of them will guide!


We all know that there are a lot of people making money on eBay selling items. Today, some 4,500 people live on eBay in Spain, of course, selling items. But it is the only way you can make money on eBay. There is a way that, in its way, it requires far less commitment. As you do not sell, you will not buy, or take pictures, ads, answer questions, make the deliveries …

You do not need a room or a warehouse, not the least expense to dedicate not to sell anything on eBay. Only need access to the Internet. Anything else is making money by not selling anything!.


As you all know, eBay is an auction site where some vendors offer products for purchase buyers. The portal itself is a window, does its own advertising (particularly online), is captured by buyers for sellers to sell their products … In short, eBay’s role is to bring together buyers and sellers, offering them their articles.

Amid all the publicity that eBay makes performing highlights online. To do this, plus ads, banners and partnerships with other media, the portal offers a reliable, safe and legal to make money without any effort … designed especially for you who want to earn money without leaving home ………………

What is this method?

One of the least discussed schemes to make money on eBay and the only one that does not incur absolutely no risk of losing money is the “Affiliate Program.” This is one of the most important because thanks to him, thousands of people gather each day to the portal, bringing benefits to the person who has served as a meeting between eBay and the user.

For example. Imagine that you bought on eBay and your experience has been satisfactory. You have purchased an item that takes months looking for a good price, you receive it in few days and was consistent with your expectations, you will be happy, and probably encourage more people to enter the portal. Your friends, family … people who you tell how it went, and it really is cheap and safe to buy on eBay. Probably, some of them decide to dare to go on eBay. This shall be recorded, buy an item, you’re probably happy, and even mentioned it to others who will do the same to him. Come, buy, recommend … but nothing will happen more.

Now, imagine that you had won 10 euros per person that would have prompted you to discover eBay. How much money would you have now if you were given 10 euros when they make their first purchase? What if instead of telling one you had told a 100? Surely you’d have more money now. “$ 1,000? What if you had not been given $ 10 and you had been given 24 € for each? 2400 ¿?!

Begins to interest the affiliate program, what is it really?

The affiliate program is simple. Is to attract potential buyers to eBay, explaining the advantages of buying from home all sorts of items at reduced prices, even the most sought after and exclusive. You only have to inform eBay, and they do the rest …

The trick: for each user who registers on your side (and buy any item within a month), eBay will pay between 10 and 24 euros (depending on the number of new users who get a month, let’s call them “referred” .) The more referrals come near to Ebay, you can earn more money.

In this way, you get to reap significant benefits, both to get you a bonus (300-600 euros per month) to make one of your largest salaries (including more than 2,000 euros a month, and taking the medicine much more seriously) . Some affiliates earn over 25,000 per year with it.

If you bring 1-25 people per month, eBay will pay 10 euros per record. From there, you can charge up to 24 euros per record. The proportion would be:

1-25 people per month: 10 euros per record

26-50 people per month: 12 euros per record.

51-100 people per month: 14 euros per record

and so on ….

** Important note: You will not be paid until that user has made the first purchase, which means that if you only register but do not buy anything will not be paid for it. Even so, eBay offers a period of 1 full month for your referral makes their first purchase.

I want to join the Affiliate Program! “What I have to do?

If you are an eBay member, join the affiliate program will be easy. Only need to register it (it’s completely free and takes about a minute), following this link:

We strongly recommend that if you go to join the affiliate program, invest some of your time creating a blog or a website. Not 100% necessary, because you can send e-mails to people you know, write in forums, etc …. but will open many people still do not know but that can be attracted to your blog, and thus by eBay. Always try your website deals with a subject you know. Are you an expert in cars, you can create an interesting website about where to buy cheaper cars, creating links to different car auctions that are active on eBay.

Also, keep in mind that there are categories that sell much more (electronics, fashion, mobile phones, game consoles …) and others that have fewer sales, but whose prices are much higher (cars, watches, antiques …). First, think well what kind of products you’re going to decant, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each and choose, taking into account the type of people that read (or read) your blog.

Besides eBay offers tools to optimize your level of membership, for example, a creator of banners for you to make your ads more attractive. You can also get a domain and free hosting, and other companies to advertise online to further maximize your profits.

Once you register, you have your web / blog, (with your first readers) you can start earning money to open the world of eBay. “How much money you can win a month??


Well, here ends this summary of another way to make money on eBay. I hope you have served.

Greetings to all and see you in the next guide!

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