Succeed online with AdWords: A successful method to make money on the Internet using Google AdWords … with a minimum of fuss!

25 Jan

Where I come from, $ 20 dollars is a lot of money, and losing it could mean not eating tomorrow night.

That’s what led me to discover these amazing tactics that call into my bank account over $ 400 for every $ 10 you spend. I know this sounds unbelievable, but I assure you is true and prove it to you in a minute.

“Have you ever wondered why some people earn money in Google AdWords so easily … while others can not earn a single dollar?

Do you think there is some secret code to succeed on the internet that only a select few have managed to decipher?

Do you think to master this business require long hours of research, have special skills, have knowledge of the latest techniques of Internet and have original ideas?

I thought so too, but after doing my own tests and discovered that corrections:

No! To succeed on the internet, really do not need you meet or do all those things.

Moreover, right now I’ll show you how you too can make money online with Google AdWords … but still have not opened an AdWords account!

Sounds unreal?

One Google AdWords campaign that cost me $ 1.39, put $ 102.60 in my PayPal account for overnight. And the best part of it is, I was not even selling my own product.

“But first, some proof of my earnings

In the above show that there is only one AdWords campaign in which I invested $ 5.99 for 303 leads, and below are the 5 sales as a result ($ 176.30 dollars). $ 170.31 profit on a typical day.
(Payment of $ 27 shown below is from another campaign.)


Note that the February 26 and March 11, the funds are transferred to my bank account quickly, because those days sent latest offers by e-mail to a client list that I built with Google AdWords.

As you can see, $ 16.053 U.S. dollars earned only the month of March, and I spent under $ 400 dollars in AdWords for those customers. This gives a gain of approximately $ 15.653 dollars a month. Who else pays you that?

Also check that my method allows millions of people see your ad while you pay a penny per lead. Would it change much if you were paying your results just 1 cent for your clients?

These results are so real that you can get them.

And the best part is that …

NOT need a website

NOT need a product

You need not be a computer expert

NO need to spend hundreds of dollars

NO need to know what Google AdWords is still

… but 2.0 AdWords Profits can be yours for the special introductory price of only $ 297 $ 47 (or the equivalent in your local currency).


Make Money with YouTube: official handbook

25 Jan


Every day more than 80 million videos are watched on YouTube, the last and most notorious phenomenon of networking. More than 2,400 million click each month is a lot of traffic … but … how they make money?


The YouTube Partner Program to earn money with your videos uploaded to YouTube with your username and through Adsense can put videos on your website and earn money.
Earn income as a user of YouTube

To make money through videos uploaded to YouTube must be registered as a YouTube Partner. This system is aimed at any media company or individual video creators who are users of YouTube and that videos are often placed. With the only restriction YouTube partners must be themselves the owners of the videos, ie own the intellectual property of the materials to come up with online video community. There are plenty of YouTube partners, as well known as Spanish TV, Antena 3, Agencia Efe, etc.
Earn money through Adsense with YouTube videos

Along with this new strategy for YouTube, created a new possibility of obtaining income through Adsense. It is placed on our website what they call “Video Units” or video blocks. These “Video units” contain two types of ads, one located above the video, which are static, and others that appear integrated in the video, on the bottom and partially clogged the space for playing the movie by 20%. However the visiting user can close the appearance of the ad to see the video without advertising.

The boxes showing videos on a web page can be customized in appearance, like other types of blocks of Adsense.

The videos that appear on the page are the publishers who have signed up as partners on YouTube and have accepted the possibility that in their videos displayed advertising.

To subscribe to the option of placing Adsense to make money with video units must be registered on YouTube and Adsense and also relate the two users. All this is being authenticated Adsense and YouTube at a time and starting the process from your Adsense account, in the “Adsense Setup” and then “Block” video.

This manual contains all the details and steps for you to register and start  making money with youtube.










this is real read:

Why Google bought YouTube?
To place ads within videos. Google wants to dominate the advertising world and, besides being responsible for the famous AdWords and AdSense ads, it also introduces ads on YouTube videos.

:: so I can earn money with YouTube?
Yes, if you create a funny video and many people see it, YouTube will pay an amount (which is not made public) each time a viewer sees the ad or clicks on a banner that will appear next to the viewfinder.

hey do not miss this advantage that not everyone knows the information, Aprica is all manual techniques but do not forget the most
good and easy.


24 Jan

for all those bums who always wanted to live without doing anything, having your own business to give them money, without having spent any money in their establishment and become rich without leaving your armchair … for all of them will guide!


We all know that there are a lot of people making money on eBay selling items. Today, some 4,500 people live on eBay in Spain, of course, selling items. But it is the only way you can make money on eBay. There is a way that, in its way, it requires far less commitment. As you do not sell, you will not buy, or take pictures, ads, answer questions, make the deliveries …

You do not need a room or a warehouse, not the least expense to dedicate not to sell anything on eBay. Only need access to the Internet. Anything else is making money by not selling anything!.


As you all know, eBay is an auction site where some vendors offer products for purchase buyers. The portal itself is a window, does its own advertising (particularly online), is captured by buyers for sellers to sell their products … In short, eBay’s role is to bring together buyers and sellers, offering them their articles.

Amid all the publicity that eBay makes performing highlights online. To do this, plus ads, banners and partnerships with other media, the portal offers a reliable, safe and legal to make money without any effort … designed especially for you who want to earn money without leaving home ………………

What is this method?

One of the least discussed schemes to make money on eBay and the only one that does not incur absolutely no risk of losing money is the “Affiliate Program.” This is one of the most important because thanks to him, thousands of people gather each day to the portal, bringing benefits to the person who has served as a meeting between eBay and the user.

For example. Imagine that you bought on eBay and your experience has been satisfactory. You have purchased an item that takes months looking for a good price, you receive it in few days and was consistent with your expectations, you will be happy, and probably encourage more people to enter the portal. Your friends, family … people who you tell how it went, and it really is cheap and safe to buy on eBay. Probably, some of them decide to dare to go on eBay. This shall be recorded, buy an item, you’re probably happy, and even mentioned it to others who will do the same to him. Come, buy, recommend … but nothing will happen more.

Now, imagine that you had won 10 euros per person that would have prompted you to discover eBay. How much money would you have now if you were given 10 euros when they make their first purchase? What if instead of telling one you had told a 100? Surely you’d have more money now. “$ 1,000? What if you had not been given $ 10 and you had been given 24 € for each? 2400 ¿?!

Begins to interest the affiliate program, what is it really?

The affiliate program is simple. Is to attract potential buyers to eBay, explaining the advantages of buying from home all sorts of items at reduced prices, even the most sought after and exclusive. You only have to inform eBay, and they do the rest …

The trick: for each user who registers on your side (and buy any item within a month), eBay will pay between 10 and 24 euros (depending on the number of new users who get a month, let’s call them “referred” .) The more referrals come near to Ebay, you can earn more money.

In this way, you get to reap significant benefits, both to get you a bonus (300-600 euros per month) to make one of your largest salaries (including more than 2,000 euros a month, and taking the medicine much more seriously) . Some affiliates earn over 25,000 per year with it.

If you bring 1-25 people per month, eBay will pay 10 euros per record. From there, you can charge up to 24 euros per record. The proportion would be:

1-25 people per month: 10 euros per record

26-50 people per month: 12 euros per record.

51-100 people per month: 14 euros per record

and so on ….

** Important note: You will not be paid until that user has made the first purchase, which means that if you only register but do not buy anything will not be paid for it. Even so, eBay offers a period of 1 full month for your referral makes their first purchase.

I want to join the Affiliate Program! “What I have to do?

If you are an eBay member, join the affiliate program will be easy. Only need to register it (it’s completely free and takes about a minute), following this link:

We strongly recommend that if you go to join the affiliate program, invest some of your time creating a blog or a website. Not 100% necessary, because you can send e-mails to people you know, write in forums, etc …. but will open many people still do not know but that can be attracted to your blog, and thus by eBay. Always try your website deals with a subject you know. Are you an expert in cars, you can create an interesting website about where to buy cheaper cars, creating links to different car auctions that are active on eBay.

Also, keep in mind that there are categories that sell much more (electronics, fashion, mobile phones, game consoles …) and others that have fewer sales, but whose prices are much higher (cars, watches, antiques …). First, think well what kind of products you’re going to decant, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each and choose, taking into account the type of people that read (or read) your blog.

Besides eBay offers tools to optimize your level of membership, for example, a creator of banners for you to make your ads more attractive. You can also get a domain and free hosting, and other companies to advertise online to further maximize your profits.

Once you register, you have your web / blog, (with your first readers) you can start earning money to open the world of eBay. “How much money you can win a month??


Well, here ends this summary of another way to make money on eBay. I hope you have served.

Greetings to all and see you in the next guide!

As segments traffic to your business with Google Adwords

24 Jan

Google Adwords is a tool for Internet advertising more effective way I know to any company or business that wants customers to obtain highly interested in their products, it is easy to create an account and run your campaign in just minutes.

But to make your campaign is effective and that all the investment that you spend on advertising has a quick profit return need to know get to know this tool

One of the most effective advertising tools in
and Out of the Internet for any business that wants to get
Quickly to their market niche at a low cost is that of
Pay per click Google Adwords.

I believe and I trust most in this type of advertising compared
the other means of communication such as radio and TV.

Besides being a type-qualified and Segmented Advertising
above that the cost is very low and adapts
budget of any person.

Your Online Advertising Efforts should be subject only of Email Marketing

23 Jan

One thing I have seen in many businesses on the Internet that I find it quite absurd and higher results, and is that entrepreneurs are focusing only on their marketing strategies to attract customers to its Web site, but they are doing follow-up to the Second step needed to convert those prospects into leads through Email Marketing.

In Business For All Internet Traffic and endeavors in advertising is subject to a second tracking loyalty and persuasion in this prospectus and then turn it into a potential customer for Life.

Why did this happen?

A Prospectus to visit their Web site first time do not buy on the first visit, because this person did not know you, do not know what your intentions are yet to enter their credit card data on your website …

… In this way a business works on the Internet, as there is no face to face connection with that person that is why we must use a Fast Tracking Email Marketing Strategy for when a person first enters your site, register or be added to your list of subscribers and become LEAFLET, and Loyalty Tracking become our client.

Now I’ll ask a question …

If not using email marketing, how they ensure that a leaflet back to your website to buy?

There is no way, because when someone enters a site and do not even invite you to subscribe to a newsletter, no return, you will not have a communication with that person that maybe was very interested in your services but it was!

Sounds logical! Truth?

PS: If you are not you using the Email Marketing, You’re wasting your time and money in attracting visitors to your site that you do not buy, do not waste time focusing all your effort into promotion strategies when you’re not using the Basic Step Customer Acquisition.

To Create your Email Marketing Campaigns recommend Aweber Click Here

I hope I have been clear on this Article.

Health and success in your business

How to Increase the Income of an Internet Business?

23 Jan

This is one of the questions I receive frequently
of my clients who have already started their business on the Internet, and
truth is that there may be hundreds of strategies to increase
Revenue but only one that I use and it works effectively.

Increase Income from a Website is to increase traffic
Visitors and potential customers, which can make
a prospectus go immediately to your Client List
and a move into a Repetitive Customer Purchase.

I’ve heard of that money is in the List
its subscribers earlier, this is the way to take him
the success of your business online and increase their income

Remember that the only way to ensure that a person
back to your Web site and view its offer is registered to your list
this form will follow up until you Buy.

Always look for a Reason for his visit Prospects
Your website may be writing articles that interest them
or posting new things on her blog, that will most likely
a sale of a person who has come before in your site
that a new visitor.

Hope you like this article is!

Greetings and much success in your business!

Clickbank and Adwords a Combination to Win Lots of money.

23 Jan

Clickbank as we know is an extremely powerful platform to promote other people’s products in Affiliate Marketing.

I can tell you that I personally know people who are making thousands and thousands of dollars from home using this tool in combination with Google Adwords.

Now as you do this?, I will reveal a super easy way to apply to start making money in less than 2 days.

Not if you’ve heard cases of people who promote Clickbank products and are earning over $ 80,000 USD per month, seems impossible, right? … But let me tell you this if you can achieve as long as you plan a marketing strategy do so.

Well, I’m to the point, these people who are making these large sums of money on the Internet, know to look for quality products and above all to pay a good commission, as always generate a 50%.

This is not achieved by promoting a single product on Adwords, is illogical, the key is to find more quality products and Adwords campaigns to make several different products in different niches, so you will be getting money to your account daily but sell one, sell the other and so on ….

Vallan should look for products aimed at highly profitable niches with high demand, remember that if there is no demand there is supply, much less sales = money.

Is also preferable to look for products to promote market-led vallan “Anglo-Saxon”, the market is much “bigger” and more profitable for any product, is much more developed than the Hispanic market.

Perfect Combination of Mine Money

Clickbank to pay you your commissions and Google Adwords to attract you Customers = Money